In the workshop attendees learnt about and experienced, RED's new DSCM2 cameras: RED RAVEN 4.5K, SCARLET-W 5K, WEAPON 6K.

The workshop also illustrated the power of RED’s latest software, accessories, and peripherals, highlighting the flexibility of its cameras’ modular design.

Later attendees got a fantastic opportunity to get hands on with RED products and learn more about the cameras, accessories and intuitive workflow solutions in a live studio shoot, set up specifically for the workshop, complete with the latest Kino Flo LED lights, broncolor HMIs, and OConnor stabilisation systems. Attendees learnt how to frame grab for photographic purposes.

The benefit of capturing- and working with- such a high frame rate and incredible dynamic range, is that it offers high detail and flexibility in post production. 

RED cameras offer the perfect convergence of motion capture and stills photography.