Telling ‘the story’ of a product in a single packshot can be quite a challenge…unless you’re Peter McKinnon. In this video, he shows us how to easily create something epic out of seemingly simple everyday items. McKinnon uses a pack of Star Wars themed playing cards to demonstrate.

The first thing you need to establish is what kind of setting you want. Once you have decided on a theme, you can then choose a background and props, play around with the space, and get super creative to build the best setup. According to McKinnon, the trick to great product photography is to get it right in camera, that means your lighting needs to be on point. You can use any camera equipment, but he suggests using a macro lens to get a nice tight image.

What’s great about this kind of photography is that it can be done from just about anywhere, even your car. The whole process can be easy and inexpensive, you just need to get those imaginative juices flowing.

The whole video runs about 20 minutes, so you may want to pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle in for this entertaining and informative lesson.