Need some inspiration for the new year? Masters of Photography have assembled a free video vault to feed your creative soul.

In this fascinating collection of videos, pro photographers divulge the methods of their creative process. Watching the greats talk about their passion for the art, what motivates and inspires them, as well as the story behind some of their most powerful images, will make you want to grab your camera and hit the road. 

You can listen to Henri Cartier-Bresson talk about ‘The Decisive Moment’, or Philip Lee Harvey discuss his 20-year journey travelling the world, or even mega award-winning photojournalist Adam Hinton recount working in some of the most dangerous places in the world. The collection is an absolute treasure trove of some of the biggest influencers in photography.



In the interview with Cartier-Bresson, the master of the decisive moment talks about just how powerful a photographer can be and, as a result, the influence you have over people because of the camera in your hand. In Henri’s words, “life happens once,” You must be ready to capture the moment. 

Philip Lee Harvey’s obsession with light and composition results in atmospheric images of animals and people in the most incredible landscapes across the world. In his interview, he talks of the elements that make a great photo look spontaneous even though a lot of work has gone into it. All this while relishing in a journey through 20 years of diverse images.



Other greats include Harry Gruyaert, Martin Hartley,  David Yarrow, Duffy, Diane Arbus and Elliot Erwitt. So settle in and enjoy all the wisdom wrapped up in a visual feast through fascinating interviews and superb images from some of the biggest photographic creative minds.