The holy trinity of lenses is something that's well talked about in the photography world, and Peter McKinnon is back to talk about his thoughts on the topic.

McKinnon refers to this trio of lenses as the “kit that just makes shooting wonderful no matter what kind of photographer or videographer you are.” So what lenses is McKinnon talking about? The 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm (that can be increased to 400mm with a 2X converter). These lenses will give you a focal range from wide all the way to compressed. So essentially you have 16-400 in your bag just with these three lenses.

Whether you are on a budget or just overwhelmed by all the choice of lenses on the market, McKinnon is certain that you cannot go wrong with these three essential lenses.

The 70-200mm is a great telephoto lens for sports, wildlife and any other shoots where keeping your distance and being unobtrusive is key. The 16-35mm, a lens McKinnon professes he uses the most, is super wide so it is easy to film the subject within a wider environment, plus it is great for portraits and landscapes. The 24-70mm is the all-rounder. It sits happily in the middle of the other two lenses. It is the go-to lens for everyday use.

The lenses come in an F/2 version that is fast and lets more light in. They are bigger, heavier, with a higher price tag. You also get the F/4 version, not as much light gets in, but you still get all the focal ranges at a lower price.

Whether you are just starting out, or you are an industry pro, these are the three lenses that you can pack in your bag today, and pretty much cover almost all your basic shooting needs.