Josh from Momentum Productions took to the streets with his Zhiyun Crane 2 and Sony A7R III to not only show us how to get those great tracking shots, but to also offer some great composition advice. 

In the video, you will learn how to pull off these 5 different tracking moves:

  1. Over the shoulder shot – To establish your subject's actions or show where he/she is going.
  2. Full frontal tracking shot – This requires you to walk backwards, and may take some skill on your part.
  3. Profile tracking shot- This is a great way to get that parallax effect.
  4. Basic tracking shot transitioned into a full vertical shot with a bit of a turn – This shot is to capture that artistic effect when your subject is walking up a spiral staircase for example.  
  5. Tilt and drop silhouette effect – This creates a dark subject with a bright background for dramatic effect.