Popular puppet YouTubers Glove and Boots have made a tongue-in-cheek video on the “terrible history of photographs,” explaining how much time and effort photography took in past eras.

The rapid progress of the photography process - from camera tech to the ease it takes to share images – means that we have it pretty good nowadays. Puppets Mario and Fafa are joined by Gorilla to discuss and demonstrate just how “terrible” photography technology used to be in comparison.

The humorous vid explores the tedious process of how photography used to work before the comforts of smartphones and digital cameras. It takes us on a 5-minute journey starting from the convenience of snapping and sharing pics from your phone way back to the “caveman hand selfy”

With today’s preoccupation with camera specs and features, it can be easy to lose perspective on how far we’ve come, and how much simpler certain parts of the process now are. It’s great to watch this little reminder wrapped up in a bit of humour.