Potato Jet is well known for his filmmaking vlog on YouTube. This time he is back to compare one of his favourite primary vlogging cameras, the Canon EOS R, to the RED and Arri Alexa Cinema Cameras.

Are mirrorless and DSLR cameras getting to the point where we might not even be able to tell the difference? Potato Jet says not quite. However, while the cinema cameras clearly provide the best image quality in terms of power, capability and dynamic range, the EOS R is definitely able to still hold its own. 

The EOS R has been the source of a lot of contention, and while it has its flaws - as all cameras do - it’s interesting to see how well it measures up these Cine big boys.  

The verdict? With the amount of tech crammed into the newer mirrorless cameras, we can safely say that it is no longer a matter of good versus bad, but rather good vs great.