RED Gemini vs Monstro vs Helium side by side Test from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.


RED recently simplified their line to one DSMC2 camera body and three sensor options - Monstro, Helium and Gemini. Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and filmmaker Vincent Laforet wanted to show how these three camera options compare with each other. 

Vincent takes confidence in his RED cameras due to their high resolution and dynamic range, along with their RAW capabilities. In this video, he talks a bit about his relationship with RED systems, how he applies them in his cinematography, and why he would use the different sensors. He then offers us a side'by'side test of the three sensor options. 

Vincent recommends you DOWNLOAD the file and evaluate this test on a 4K monitor or  PC for best results.

See Vincent's VIMEO channel for more of his work.