Lake Tahoe is renowned for its “woody” boat culture. Wanting to celebrate the art of restoring vintage wooden power boats, Tom Turner approached Ascending Works and Fractal Film Co. to produce a short film centred around his recently restored Riva Super Aquarama #64, worth a staggering $750,000.

Timeless is a creative short that captures the spirit of the classic boating community. These boats are more than just crafts that sit on the water, they represent the essence of a timeless lifestyle, and this is exactly what the two companies sought to convey using their dream setup. 

“We knew that the Freefly Systems Movi XL could cope with the water, so we wanted to push it a bit further with the Canon 50-1000mm lens. Once RED heard about our project, they sent over their new Gemini Body,” says Keaton Bowlby, Director at Ascending Works.

Take a look at how they created this cinematic short: 


Timeless BTS from Ascending Works on Vimeo.

Gear List:


 You can see BTS stills HERE


From Ascending Works blog: 

Extraordinary moments transcend time and connect us with the past, present and future. TIMELESS explores the connection between father and daughter while creating visual avenues which honor the passage of our most precious resource. Savor the past while we dive into the depths of nostalgia, then jump into the present with an emotional ride skimming across the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe. As the pendulum of time swings, we are reminded that the void between creation and death is life itself. It becomes evermore vital to cherish those objects which eradicate time all together. We present to you, Timeless.  


Enjoy the final film here:


Timeless from Ascending Works on Vimeo.