Being a great filmmaker isn’t only about owning expensive gear, it’s about getting creative, which every so often means finding filming solutions with what you have at your disposal. Sometimes using a simple DSLR or mirrorless camera, a nifty fifty lens and a basic piece of cardboard is all you need.

Don’t believe us? Jordy of covers 9 hacks in this 7-minute tutorial, all of which use cardboard.

While we all understand that this will in no way revolutionise our filmmaking skills, it is still an entertaining tutorial and fun to try some of these ideas out for yourself. You can even pull out some of these ideas if you’re ever in a jam.


Here are all nine hacks:

  1. Slider – With four pieces of cardboard and two strips of gaffer tape you can create a surprisingly smooth camera slider.
  2. Focus Aid – A “donut” cut out shape in your cardboard can make a handy focus ring.
  3. Mic Stand – A simple way to prop up your mic when there’s no sound guy around.
  4. Sun Hood – Can’t afford a proper sun hood? Why not create one out of cardboard.
  5. Softbox – Cut a hole in the bottom of a shoe box, cover the inside with aluminium foil, and then cover the opening with paper or fabric (works best with LEDs due to heat issues)
  6. Snoot/Cookie – Cut out window or blind shapes in your cardboard, and cast your light through.
  7. Framing Device – Cut out a foreground shape and shoot through it.
  8. ‘Rocket Tail’ – Turn a small GoPro into a projectile for cheap.
  9. Gel/Filter Frame – Cut out a custom frame for lights.