broncolor has taken their lighting innovation to the next level with the Scope D50.

The Scope D50 is a mobile surface visualiser that makes even the smallest surface details interactively visible. It authentically reproduces the shape, colour and texture of an object, offering you unlimited possibilities to analyse, animate and digitally explore surfaces.


But how does it work?

The Scope D50 lights an object with 48 separate LED elements each using a unique set of lighting parameters to capture a series of 48 different images that are then merged in software afterwards. This allows you to capture extreme detail and adjust intensity, direction, or quality of light. The result can be viewed in any web environment and on any mobile device. 



This dynamic capture ability is great for archival purposes, as suggested by broncolor. Artwork, cultural artefacts and other such objects can be shot once and then examined closely under different lighting angles to reveal hidden surface details and textures. Unlike other solutions designed for the same purpose, the Scope D50 is portable. You can use it without moving pieces offsite. 



The Scope D50 can also be used for product photography, particularly textiles.

A Few Features:

  • 48 high-quality LEDs 
  • Sophisticated capturing and processing software 
  • Portable integrated solution 
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth module for communication with the computer 
  • Desktop or ground installation thanks to provided supporting feet 
  • Integrated tilt head
  • Precise alignment thanks to integrated circular level 
  • Bracket for all common camera types