broncolor announced their new LED F160 that will be showcased at Photokina 2018.

broncolor has managed to combine several innovative features in one device, making the LED F160 not only great for stills but as a continuous light source, great for video too.

The LED F160 has a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) with an average value of 97. At 5500 K this even as high as 99. This is in line with the quality and consistency that broncolor is famous for.

The LED F160 allows you to shift from tungsten to warmer colour temperatures at the click of a button. Colour temperature can be modified from 2800 to 6800 K.

Arguably the most revolutionary feature of the LED F160 is that broncolor created the light to be compatible with all of their existing lights shapers. This means the creative possibilities are endless.

The LED F160 can be used as a point light source that allows you to precisely shape the light the way you want it. Using the appropriate light shaper, light can be focused and guided with absolute accuracy.

The LED F160 can be integrated with the bronControl App or the DMX optional module making it the perfect companion to optimise workflow and improve your light control.