The Shinobi is a response from Atomos to requests for a monitor without a recorder.  It features a 5.2" 1000nit anti-reflection touch IPS screen. This means it is bright and bold enough to operate day or night, even outdoors in direct sunlight.  It pretty much has all the fancy features that the famed Atomos Ninja V has, without internal recording. The monitor is being lauded as the perfect on-camera monitor for YouTubers, vloggers, independent filmmakers, one-person video producers and photographers. 



Light in weight but not in features, the Shinobi shares the same HDR 1920x1080 display and colour processing found in the Ninja V monitor/recorder. It has an impressive pixel density of 427 PPI and is factory calibrated for colour accuracy. The Shinobi weighs a mere 196g, this really helps for run and gun shooting, and when you want to mount it to a handheld gimbal, where it is paramount to keep weight down.

The Shinobi employs the AtomOS 10 system. The clean and practical touch-screen interface simplifies operation from start up to set up, and makes it super easy to check your shots. You can magnify your image or apply peaking to check focus; pull up histogram, zebras or waveform; or add markers. With one touch you can apply a specific action and with one swipe, you can completely clear the menu away for an unobstructed view of your image. And with the new Analysis feature, you can simultaneously see what you are shooting, view a waveform, histogram, and vectorscope, without any of it covering the image.


Atomos’ colour science gives a complete range of in-built gamma pre-sets to match popular cameras when shooting Log or HLG. The Shinobi’s unique HDR monitoring feature helps you to replicate post-production workflows while shooting. The monitor also comes with an SD Card slot to load LUTS. You can load up to eight custom LUTs at any time via this SD Card Slot. 


Without the need to power a recorder the Shinobi has a longer run time when using a Sony type NP-F battery.