Flanders Scientific announced that their IP Remote Utility is finally available for all iOS devices, and is free of charge on the Apple App Store. The IP Remote Utility provides useful toggles and controls to manage your AM, BM, CM, and DM series monitors as well as BoxIO units.

For Monitors:

For AM, BM, CM, and DM series you can control menu and function keys, and quickly switch inputs. 

Frame captures at full resolution on DM series monitors can be taken both before and after the LUT has been applied and saved as a .JPG, .BMP, or BoxIO .RAW image.


For BoxIO:

Quickly change operation mode and channel settings, load LUTs to BoxIO to toggle on and off quickly, update firmware, manage BoxIO IP addresses and WiFi settings, and capture frames at full resolution that can be saved instantly as a .JPG, .BMP, or BoxIO .RAW image.




On Flanders ScopeStream:

The world's first real-time Waveform and Vectorscope transmitted directly from your BoxIO or DM series monitor to your computer with no additional equipment needed. Simply connect your BoxIO or DM series monitor and computer to the same network and use the IP Remote Utility.