Want to shoot a “bullet time” shot but don’t have the budget for fancy equipment or an expensive high-speed camera?

Independent filmmaker Kris Gids shares a 27-second video showing a brilliantly cheap and simple way to achieve the same effect with basically any camera.

His secret? Gids gets his subjects to slow down their movement or freeze at exactly the same time while he keeps shooting. He then post processes the shot in Adobe Premiere CC to get a smooth slow-motion or time Freeze effect.

Gids demonstrates this in his succinct video using a group of people playing basketball. He gets them to all freeze at the same time, but keeps his Nikon D3300 (shooting at 60fps) pointed at a subject while orbiting the group.

In an era where the latest tech is widely coveted, it’s great to see such a modest and inventive technique getting airplay. If you are just starting out in the industry or you have a shoestring budget, these kinds of tricks can really help to add dimension to your shoots.