Phil Holland is a master at capturing high-res, large-format aerial cinematography, and this time he has dialled it up a notch, capturing astonishing footage of sea to New York City in 12K!

Shot using three RED Weapon Monstro 8K VistaVision cameras mounted together on a special rig fastened to a helicopter, Holland was able to capture NYC in astounding 12K immersive detail. To put it all into perspective, 12K is approximately 100MP per frame and 48.5 times the resolution of 1080p.

Holland explains in his blog post: "Turning this large format concept up a notch by have 3X 8K VVs in the K1 Hammerhead seemed like a pretty logical and somewhat jaw dropping choice. RED released the Weapon 8K VV Monstro camera right around this time. And there we were doing another first, putting 3X 8K VVs on their side and using them for the first time in a panorama array setup to create a very high resolution and large format system. On a creative level I knew this was going to be good, Monstro's strengths come in the form of great colour, dynamic range, and very clean shadows. Which would work great for low light and night."

The resulting footage is so high-res that it’s currently too advanced for current ultra-high definition tvs and monitors to display, so the video above is an 8K export of the original 12K. This means that for now, you’ll just have to imagine how much detail the original 12K version must have. To get the full experience, this video is best viewed in full screen at 4K or 8K.

 Is this a glimpse into what the future of film technology holds for us?